Should trails be publicized?

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There are a few people in the Colorado singletrack motorcycle scene who get really mad over public trails being shared on social media.
I see how popular MTB riding has become in the state, and I also see how many trails moto riders have lost to peddlers.
It's not the peddlers fault. They want trail just like we do.
I also see the number of MTB trail sharing sites as well.
Is there a correlation between public openness about routes and keeping trail open?


What I can say for sure is there is a lack of education when it comes to out-of-state moto users.
Loud exhaust, no USFS-approved spark arrestors, riding off trail and no OHV stickers are common among riders I have encountered recently.
COHVCO and Stay the Trail have done a great job of educating, but they can only do so much and they are only in the state. By the time someone drives in from Texas to ride, they won't go buy a $400 exhaust to make themselves legal.
Trail education needs to start at the manufacturers level and go on to the M/C dealers.
If we continue to lose trail, the public won't be purchasing off road motorcycles.

So what is the answer?

Get out there, ride some trail, educate your friends and enjoy our public lands.


Getting into the high country 

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Life as we know it

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The eminent threat of trail closures loom above us like the plume of exhaust from a poorly jetted 2-stroke. We love to ride the high country with our best friends and expose them to the best skinny trail on the planet, but should we really be showing everyone our favorite stash of legal trail?

As an advocate of trail conservation I am always caught in a conundrum. I have many friends from around the country who want to experience the best of what the Rocky Mountains have to offer, but should I be the one who welcomes them to experience it?

I often hear other Colorado native off-roaders say that everyone needs to stay out of Colorado or we will lose our precious trails. I never hear MTB users express that. It is always the opposite with the MTB crowd. In fact, the MTB guys come in droves, have extensive websites that point out good trail, and are kicking our asses when it comes to the amount of trails available to them.

So WTF? Have we been taking the wrong approach? Do we need to be more inclusive to help build numbers?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what is happening and how these issues should be addressed. But rarely do we see unity in the off-road crowd. Clubs are dwindling. The clubs that are intact, have members that are pushing an age that should see them riding wheel chairs and not motos. Bottom line is that we are losing our trails and ultimately losing our way of life.

The Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance (  and the Colorado Off Highway Vehilce Coalition ( are two Colorado organizations that spend countless hours and even more money to keep our trails open.

I strongly suggest that you get your friends together to form a club and help keep our way of life. Donate time, money, or what ever you can to the organizations that are helping us.

Give the guys at the TPA and COHVCO a call, and ask how you can help.





See you in the Utah Desert

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The Utah desert is the place to be this spring. Heavy snow will keep us from riding the high country of Colorado for a few more months. See you in the “Swell”!

Summer Riding is upon us

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With very little snowfall this winter, we are able to get into the high country early this year. The down side to that is the potential for Fires and trail damage.

Without having much moisture in the soil, rocks and roots are more easily exposed and dislodged by wheeled traffic. Be cautious and responsible this year. One good way to help “Tread Lightly” is to use a trials tire as opposed to a heavily lugged knobby. The trials tires offer way better grip in the dry conditions and don’t dig up the earth. (Look for a future test)

Wild fires should also be on motorcyclists radar. Before heading out to camp this summer, make sure you check with local authorities concerning burn bans. As of this post, several National Forests have bans in place. It is so dry right now that any little spark can cause a fire.

This brings up spark arrestors.Make sure you do not attempt to ride without a USFS approved Sparky. It is illegal and just stupid to not comply with the law. You will be heavily fined and restricted from riding if you do not comply.

Many trail closures have also happened over the past 2 years. Non profit groups like the Trails Preservation Alliance, Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition and the American Motorcyclist Association have been fighting very hard to keep our trails open. They need you donations desperately to pay attorney fees and keep up the fight.

Please obey all of the posted signs and stay on the designated trails. Be polite to the other user groups. Know who you are to yield to when on the trail.

We are fortunate to have such great areas to explore on our motorcycles. Most states do not have the resources or land available to enjoy. Have a great summer of riding!


Finke Desert Race Update Feb 19

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We just added to our team sponsorship. They are working on getting their site up and running but for now you can check out what they have to offer for the Enduro Riding and Racing community in the way of product reviews, tech tips, riding locations etc. Soon you will also be able to order apparel and parts! We are excited to partner up with them and bring them along for the journey! Thanks Singletrack Syndicate for your support.

Ruby Mountains

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Thinking of riding Colorado in April? How can you when Ski season hasn’t ended yet? Snow is still covering the collegiate peaks!
Tucked away just south if Buena Vista is a small range called the Ruby Mountains. For most of the winter this area gets very little snow.
The terrain reminds me of Baja. Washes and single-track that consist of very loose course sand. They twist and turn through canyons. Mostly unmarked. The area was once used for enduros in the 70’s and 80’s. The locals have the area wired. Be sure to stay on the well established trail.