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Summer Riding is upon us

Posted in Colorado Riding, off-road motorcycle riding colorado with tags , on June 6, 2012 by rockymountainsingletrack

With very little snowfall this winter, we are able to get into the high country early this year. The down side to that is the potential for Fires and trail damage.

Without having much moisture in the soil, rocks and roots are more easily exposed and dislodged by wheeled traffic. Be cautious and responsible this year. One good way to help “Tread Lightly” is to use a trials tire as opposed to a heavily lugged knobby. The trials tires offer way better grip in the dry conditions and don’t dig up the earth. (Look for a future test)

Wild fires should also be on motorcyclists radar. Before heading out to camp this summer, make sure you check with local authorities concerning burn bans. As of this post, several National Forests have bans in place. It is so dry right now that any little spark can cause a fire.

This brings up spark arrestors.Make sure you do not attempt to ride without a USFS approved Sparky. It is illegal and just stupid to not comply with the law. You will be heavily fined and restricted from riding if you do not comply.

Many trail closures have also happened over the past 2 years. Non profit groups like the Trails Preservation Alliance, Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition and the American Motorcyclist Association have been fighting very hard to keep our trails open. They need you donations desperately to pay attorney fees and keep up the fight.

Please obey all of the posted signs and stay on the designated trails. Be polite to the other user groups. Know who you are to yield to when on the trail.

We are fortunate to have such great areas to explore on our motorcycles. Most states do not have the resources or land available to enjoy. Have a great summer of riding!